Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Greetings to all weary wanderers

The struggle of brave soldiers, cunning Indians and stubborn settlers continues on our tables for almost two years (checked - the very first battle we fought was 8th June 2013), and since then a lot we were able to achieve in this topic.

First of all, we've found a group of great players, with whom we all share a similar approach to the game - fun of creating great story and joy of playing are in the first place, whereas the rules are only somewhere on a background; just a mere excuse to spend quality time. In addition, each of us appreciates the setting, hence on our tables we use only painted miniatures and we try to keep new terrain as neat as possible.

This was probably the main reason to create this blog - the desire to show off, what we have already done and try to propagate it. Although some of us have their own blogs, most don't and a large part of the work was never shown.

Similarly, we lacked a place to publish ideas for campaigns and scenarios - on our blog focused on painting miniatures it seems a little bit out of place - and here we can safely write anything we want. Also reviews, changes to the rules, after action reports written from several perspectives, etc. that all should appear here from time to time.

We will publish new posts regularly and we hope that everyone interested in the conflicts in the second half of the 18th century willl find something interesting here.


Kadzik & Yori

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