Saturday, 23 May 2015

Surprise attack on the British party

 Usually I play on the French side, but as two British players were unable to participate in today's game, I fought alongside Redcoats. This was my first play againts my fellow (till now) allies and it was the very first game of our new British player Radek, who was nevertheless able to enlist almost 600 points of soldiers!

We mustered:
  • 2 units of 12 line infantry - famous Redcoats
  • 3 units of Rangers (two of 6 and one of 4 men)
  • 3 units of Indian allies (each 6 warriors strong - two with bows, one with muskets)
  • unit of light infantry (6 men strong)
  • Regular oficer with Visionary skill
  • Ranger officer with Insiprational Skill
66 models and 580 points.

 Our enemies used mainly Irregulars and Indians with a unit of 10 regular infantry. We haven't count them, but it was approximately 840 point!

 French objective was to crush us totally. Our was simpler - just to reduce their numbers by 50%, then we win instantly.

 Set up was as follow: Redcoats marched on the road, flanked by Irregulars and Indian allies. French could surround us any way they like.